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Amenities-Driven Off Campus Housing

Residence halls were once the primary form of housing for students of Grand Valley State University (GVSU) in Allendale, MI. However, as students search for greater autonomy, they often ditch the dorms for GVSU off campus apartments. Today, students' desires for active and fulfilling lifestyles have increased the popularity of amenities-driven, off campus housing communities such as 48 West.

What Is Amenities-Driven Housing in Allendale?

Amenities-driven housing combines affordable off campus apartments with community amenities. The result is a student-friendly environment where residents can live socially and still be productive. In Allendale, the meteoric rise in popularity of amenities-driven GVSU housing stems from its conveniences. Instead of commuting to the library, gym, or movie theater, residents of these complexes can access these amenities within a few steps of their apartments.

Allendale, MI, Student Housing Amenities

Popular Amenities & Their Benefits for Students

An apartment amenity is defined as a useful or desirable feature or facility available to tenants and included in their rent. In GVSU off campus housing, the most popular amenities cater to students’ modern lifestyles.

Outdoor Pool

Swimming is beneficial in a number of ways. As a low-impact activity, aquatic exercise keeps the heart rate up while putting minimal strain on the body. It is a viable option for students looking for a fun form of exercise. Additionally, swimming has been proven to promote relaxation and alleviate stress. This is particularly true in outdoor pools, where exposure to sunlight can elevate serotonin levels in the brain, improving mood.

Open Dog Park

Many Allendale apartments near GVSU are pet-friendly, but amenities-driven housing goes a step further by providing amenities for pets, such as dog parks. Ordinarily, walking college pets takes time out of students’ schedules. But in a dog park, pets can run without a leash. Since their owners need only to be present, they can study outdoors while their pets are in the park. Furthermore, dog parks are excellent places for students to meet new people and bond over their love of pet ownership.

Clubhouse & Game Room

The social aspects of college can be as important as classroom lessons. Skills that students acquire through social interactions can be applied in most career fields. Also, by being exposed to their peers, students can pick up tips for studying and eating healthy diets. Clubhouses and game rooms are luxurious amenities offered by some apartments in Allendale, MI, to facilitate group activities.

24-Hour Fitness Gym

Students receive many benefits from having a gym near their apartments. Exercising before a study session or test can boost energy levels and cognitive performance. The endorphins released during and after a workout can also relieve school-induced stress. Moreover, instead of requiring them to pay for gym memberships or travel to crowded student recreation centers, on-site fitness facilities allow students to work out where they live. The flexibility provided by these 24-hour gyms is ideal for students with busy schedules.

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Computer & Study Center

Generally, college students devote a lot of time to schoolwork. Thus, a quiet, comfortable study center is a useful off campus amenity that enables them to work diligently from their apartment complex. Also, because much of today’s coursework is online, a computer lab is another amenity dedicated to residents’ productivity.

Find GVSU Off Campus Housing With Amenities

Located within walking distance of the GVSU campus, 48 West is a leading provider of amenities-driven housing in Allendale, MI. Our complex features an outdoor pool, fitness gym, game room, and study center. We also offer individual leases for one-, two-, and four-bedroom apartments that include internet and cable services. Contact us to schedule a tour of 48 West today!