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Apartment Moving Checklist

The end of summer is moving season. Classes at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) will soon begin. On your schedule is a visit to the bookstore, and maybe the new-Lakers orientation, as well as plans to explore Allendale. But first: GVSU apartments are ready, and it’s time to move in. For newer renters, moving checklists are invaluable. A checklist can help you keep on track and avoid making mistakes throughout the move.

To help you get started, 48 West has created the following checklist. This list is a starting-point; yours may have more (or fewer) items, depending on your situation. What’s for sure, though, is that using a checklist can almost guarantee that your move goes well.

Contact Leasing Office
Allendale, MI, Off Campus Housing

Moving to Allendale, Step-By-Step

As you check off each task on the checklist, your relocation to GVSU off campus housing inches closer to its conclusion. To achieve the best results, try to do the steps in order and tailor them to meet your specific needs.

Sort & Plunge

Even as a young student, you’ve accumulated many items throughout your life. It’s time to thin the herd. Though GVSU housing floorplans are spacious, it’s better to live in clean and organized conditions than atop a mound of old clothes and broken electronics. So, before you pack items, sort them. Once the unnecessary stuff is sold off, donated, or thrown out, it’s time to think about moving.

Do You Need Movers?

If you lack the ability or ambition to pack and load your items, hiring movers might be necessary. Before you hire any movers, go through their prices and reviews first. You want to avoid putting your possessions in the wrong hands.

No Movers? Ask Roommates

Most students move themselves into apartments in Allendale, MI, with a few suitcases packed into a personal car. Those with furniture and lots of boxes, meanwhile, may decide to rent a truck. It isn’t a bad idea to ask roommates for help to make the process go faster. Furthermore, if you used roommate-matching, moving with your new roommates is a great bonding experience. But you should expect to reciprocate and help out anyone who assisted you.

A Change of Address

In today’s world, every piece of paper mail you receive is likely outnumbered 10,000-to-one by the tweets, emails, and discussion posts you get. Nonetheless, you should update your mailing address, just in case a paper bill comes your way. To forward mail to your new Allendale apartments near GVSU, visit a post office or

Schedule A Meeting With Your Landlord

The leasing offices for GVSU off campus apartments keep flexible hours. But there are hours when the office is closed. Popping in unannounced, especially at odd hours, may result in you being stranded for up to a day or two. Instead, schedule a time with the landlord to pick up the keys. You may have other duties to take care of at this time anyway, such as signing the lease or requesting services of an electric utility.

Don’t Dawdle

When the classes at GVSU start up, you’ll be busy. That’s why it’s crucial to settle in early on. Once you’re through the front door of your new place, don’t doddle. Unpack right away. Hang clothes in the walk-in closet. Put groceries in the fridge and toiletries in the bathroom. If you’re missing anything, run to the nearby store.

It’s also vital to confirm the WiFi password works, because you’ll need the Internet for homework and online resources. For any questions that arise, check out our resident FAQ page or feel free to ask the leasing staff. They’re there to help you.

Off Campus GVSU Apartments

48 West believes moving to a new apartment should be an adventure. With our checklist, you have a head start on your relocation to our off campus housing. Whether you’re coming from the GVSU dorms, out-of-town, or transferring from another institution, a smooth move always begins and ends with a plan. Moving to 48 West is a bit easier than other apartments, though. We offer furnished units, so you don’t necessarily have to haul all your furniture. We have on-site restaurants, so if you forget to buy groceries, it’s not the end of the world. And our amenities include a pool, game room, and cinema, so after you settle in, you can relax. To learn more about the student apartments at 48 West, contact us today!