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Furnished Vs. Unfurnished Student Apartments

Find The Right Apartment To Match Your Lifestyle

Along with the location, amenities, and monthly payments, furnishings play a big role in determining your quality of life as a renter. Since 48 West offers both furnished and unfurnished GVSU off campus housing, we know which options work best for different people. To help you make the right decision about where to live, we've laid out the pros and cons of furnished and unfurnished apartments.

Furnished Rooms

In furnished apartments, landlords provide interior features to make the homes livable. The main category of the furnishings found in GVSU apartments is furniture.

Furnished Student Apartment In Allendale, MI

A typical furnished bedroom has a mattress, light fixtures, and shelves, while student apartment bedrooms also have a desk and chair. The living room often features seating, such as a couch, futon, or loveseat, as well as side tables and a TV. Cable and Internet services are provided. A dining area with a table and chairs also is usually present near the kitchen. Non-furniture items in a furnished apartment may include designer elements, including artwork and curtains, that give the space a finished and modern look.

The Benefits Of Furnished Student Housing

Furnished GVSU housing can benefit students in several ways. Because of their busy schedules, most students see moving as a time-consuming inconvenience. But as a resident of a furnished apartment, you merely grab the keys and move in with no need for a moving truck. At that point, all you have left to do is unpack a wardrobe and fill up the fridge, and then you’re up and running.

You may also benefit financially from a furnished apartment. Since you won't need to buy furniture or decorations, the only household expenses you'll have are toiletries, cleaning products, and other low-cost items. The utilities already are hooked up, and all of them except for the electric are included in the monthly apartment payments. If you’re a student on a budget, fewer bills always are a good thing.

Do Furnished Apartments Have Drawbacks?

Furnished apartments are generally considered to make life more convenient for renters. However, people who already own furniture from their previous homes or apartments may be put in the position to either sell off those items or put them into storage.

It's true that GVSU off campus apartments provide closets and other storage areas large enough for clothing, knick-knacks, and even bicycles. But large furniture items would take up sizable amounts of floor space. If you own furniture, unless you plan on selling or donating it to a second-hand store or non-profit organization in Allendale, you'd be better off renting an unfurnished unit.

Unfurnished Apartments

Unfurnished apartments are intended to be spaces that tenants furnish themselves. Most contain basic features and appliances that make the areas livable. A typical kitchen might have a fridge, oven, and microwave. The unit will also often have a washer and dryer, or else there will be a laundry room on the grounds. Other subtle but essential elements, including window blinds and shelves, also may be present.

The Advantages Of Unfurnished Housing

Students can benefit from unfurnished apartments in Allendale, MI, under several circumstances. For somebody who lives off campus and already has acquired furniture, it would be easy to move in and outfit an unfurnished unit. The same is true of a renter with a healthy budget who wants to invest in household items. Additionally, roommates who share their possessions could easily furnish an unfurnished unit. And what an unfurnished apartment lacks, community amenities, such as a clubhouse, cinema, and game room, make up for.

The Disadvantages Of Unfurnished Apartments

The downsides of unfurnished apartments apply mostly to new renters. It takes time to learn how to live off campus and handle new responsibilities, such as making monthly payments. Trying to learn how to furnish an apartment at the same time may be too challenging of a situation. At the same time, many apartments near GVSU are inhabited by students who transitioned successfully from furnished to unfurnished housing during college.