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GVSU Student Guide to Allendale, MI

GVSU Student Guide to Allendale, MI

There’s a lot to love about student life at Grand Valley State University. From student affairs on campus to affordable options of GVSU off-campus housing, every Laker has the potential for a well-rounded college experience. Whether you are new to Allendale or joined the Lakers family semesters ago, the more you know about the university, campus resources, and off-campus attractions, the better your experience at GVSU will be.

Get to Know the GVSU Allendale Campus

The main campus for GVSU is located in Allendale, MI, and occupies about 12 square miles of scenic landscape near the west bank of the Grand River. The campus has a north-south orientation, with Campus Drive as the main thoroughfare. Incoming freshmen and transfer students often rely on the Allendale campus map to navigate.


The Allendale campus is renowned for its sustainability efforts, including programs for recycling and environmental stewardship as well as eco-friendly building designs, as demonstrated by the Office Of Sustainability Practices. The culture of sustainability also extends off campus to students’ choices regarding housing and transportation. Allendale apartments near GVSU, which are usually along 48th Avenue, are favored by students who walk, bike, or use the GVSU bus system to commute to campus.

Campus Life

Staying involved in campus life is a priority for many Lakers. The Kirkhof Center, which contains the The Office of Student Life and is located near the center of the Allendale campus, is a useful building to locate early on, especially since GVSU has several hundred student organizations!

Allendale Students


Students often seek to enhance their physical and mental well-being with resources from GVSU Recreation, including everything from sports venues and intramural sports leagues to group fitness courses and individual nutritional consultations.


Encouragement from parents often helps students garner interest in campus activities. The GVSU Family Guide, which outlines all aspects of Laker life, including GVSU housing options, is thus a great resource for parents to review with their students.

Parents Guide

Lakers Athletics

Athletics is prominent at GVSU, where athletes compete in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) at the NCAA Division II level. Louie the Laker, the mascot who dons the school’s blue, black, and white colors, is a prominent figure on the sidelines of Lubbers Stadium and GVSU Fieldhouse, the respective homes of the Lakers varsity football and basketball teams. Other popular sports at GVSU include baseball, golf, and cross country.

Lakers Gear

It’s an honor to show your pride as a member of the Lakers family by sporting GVSU gear. The GVSU Laker Store, which is located in the campus Recreation Center, is Allendale’s leading source of all things Lakers, from apparel to décor for GVSU apartments. At the beginning of each semester, the Laker Store is also a place to find course textbooks.


Single-game and season tickets for Lakers sports events are available from the GVSU ticket office. When buying tickets, use a GVSU email account or show a current student ID card to receive the best rates. Furthermore, information about event parking and other event guidelines are available in the GVSU Fan Guides.

Discover Off-Campus Life in Allendale, MI

Often the best college experiences are had by GVSU students who venture off campus to explore the sights of Allendale. Many incoming students are surprised to discover that Allendale very possibly has more attractions per square mile than any college town in Michigan.

Off-Campus Housing

Residence halls, also called dorms, are conveniently located. But students living on campus usually have fewer amenities and less freedom, for they have to submit to dorm rules and the supervision of resident assistants. Students seeking more independence rent student apartments in Allendale, MI. The most popular neighborhoods are at the corner of 48th Avenue and Campus Drive because they put residents close enough to campus to remain heavily involved in all GVSU affairs. The most popular off-campus apartment complexes have amenities that match the college lifestyle, such as a study center, 24-hour gym, and game room.

Best Restaurants

Dining out is an opportunity for students to meet up and unwind after class, so knowing where to go for quality but affordable meals is valuable information. For students living in residence halls at GVSU, campus dining is the primary option for meals. However, for many students, GVSU off-campus apartments are preferable to residence halls because they are located closer Allendale’s restaurants.

One of the most prominent eateries in Allendale is Murphy’s Family Restaurant, which is a popular weekend breakfast spot for GVSU students. Also popular for breakfast is Grand Coney, where an item worth trying is the Breakfast Witch. As for dinner, the Mexican food at El Azteca is renowned around Allendale, while more popular dinner spots are listed on Yelp. When in need of a quick pick-me-up, stop by Bliss Allendale. Bliss serves tea, shakes and other healthy drinks and is conveniently located on-site at 48 West!

Allendale Attractions

Allendale has a range of attractions, so no matter what students’ interests are, there is a place in Allendale for just about everyone to discover. The Berlin Raceway is a popular track for assorted categories of race cars. Groups of 10 or more students who buy tickets together qualify for discounted ticket rates. Meanwhile, to explore Allendale’s agricultural history, students visit the Coopersville Farm Museum and Event Center, which, in addition to being an educational venue, is also home to live musical performances. Then there’s The Meadows at Grand Valley State University, a championship golf course that’s located steps away from most student housing.

Off-Campus Apartments near GVSU in Allendale

48 West is a community of student apartments designed to meet the needs of GVSU students in Allendale, MI. Our location on 48th Avenue puts residents right near Campus Drive, which runs throughout the Allendale campus. Yet while students can walk or bike to class from 48 West, we also offer ample on-site parking as well as amenities for students, including a study center with computers, a clubhouse with games, a fitness center and an outdoor pool. As for our apartments, we have one-, two-, and four-bed units with appliances and WiFi included. Plus. we offer roommate matching services and individual leases, making it easy for students to find an affordable and comfortable living arrangement near GVSU. Contact us to discover more about student life at 48 West!