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Lighting Tips For Your Apartment

If you’re in the dark about which type of lighting your apartment needs, you’re not alone. When choosing this standard décor for off campus housing, GVSU students face a variety of choices — aesthetics, functionality, and price, to name but a few — that confound even the most experienced renters.

48 West is shining a light on the matter of interior lighting with this guide to help you narrow your options and pick out the best type for your apartment.

How Lighting Affects Your Lifestyle

Lighting goes beyond beautifying your student apartment or enhancing your visibility indoors. Installing the right lighting can also benefit your daily life in consequential ways.

Girl Reading Book By Light In Off Campus Apartment In Allendale, MI


Exposure to sunlight can improve a person's mood and decrease the chances of depression. This can be a difference-maker for a student who’s confronted by the stresses of college. To increase the amount of sunlight in your apartment, keep the window shades pulled open during the daytime. You can also direct the natural light by hanging mirrors opposite the windows to catch and reflect the light throughout the apartment.

Screen Time

Students spend a lot of time staring at the screens of their laptops, tablets, smartphones, and TVs. At night, the contrast of the dark room and the bright light of the device can strain your eyes. One solution is to turn on a lamp located in the corner of your field of vision. Known as offset lighting, this technique lets your vision adjust to the screen and prevents sore eyes.


There is a correlation between light exposure and sleep quality. Brightness instructs the brain to be alert. Sleeping with the lights on or during the day without blocking the sunlight can cause your rest to be interrupted by constant wake-up signals being sent to your brain; the consequence is you feeling lethargic even after a full night’s rest. When you sleep, whether it’s for the night or a power nap, turn off the lights and make the room as dark as possible.


Whether it's the bluelight of a laptop, the overhead lighting in the library, or the glow of a desk lamp, light is a prerequisite while studying. But did you know that the right lighting can help you with homework in other ways, too? Exposure to bright lights helps adjust your circadian rhythms to discourage sleepiness and increase levels of awareness.

Types of Apartment Lighting

The fact that student apartments in Allendale are fully furnished means tenants avoid the time-consuming (and financially straining) task of buying furniture. Instead, students are left with the more enjoyable project of decorating and choosing complementary elements such as interior lighting.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are tall lamps designed to stand on the floor. Traditionally, they’re between 58 inches and 64 inches high, measuring from the base to the top of the shade or finial (decorative top piece). Because floor lamps have bases that take up about one square-foot of floor space, they aren’t practical in on campus dorms, where space is at a premium. But floor lamps do fit well in the spacious layouts of GVSU off campus housing, where the lamps have enough capacity to illuminate large sections of bedrooms and living rooms.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are short lamps intended to sit on top of desks and tables, making them space-saving options for students in GVSU housing. Typically, a table lamp features one bulb that’s in either a fixed position — suitable for illuminating a wide section of a room — or an adjustable position — effective for directional light for reading and studying. Table lamps, because of their compact size, are also one of the most affordable options for students.