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Making Friends At Your New Apartment

Along with an education, many students seek to gain friends during college. One place new friendships are formed is in student housing near GVSU, where residents tend to be close in age and share similar interests. By following these three tips from 48 West, you too could soon be making friends at your apartment in Allendale.

1. Use The Amenities In Your Community

Student-centered housing environments like 48 West each provide a range of community amenities for residents in Allendale, MI. These modern features not only are sources of individual entertainment (and a reprieve from school-related stress). They also serve as gathering-places for residents. The trick is to use the amenities in your GVSU off campus housing in ways that are conducive to socializing. Here are a few examples to get you started.

Friends At Student Apartments In Allendale, MI

Designated Study Areas

Whether it's through back-and-forth discussions or solo reading in a group setting, the way students study often has a social aspect. For this reason, the computer labs or study rooms located on the same grounds as your GVSU off campus apartment are ideal settings for meeting people.

Keep in mind that there's an etiquette to studying. Students each have unique habits, and you don't want to disrupt anyone else's work merely for the sake of socializing. But the time before a study session or during a break is an opportune moment to converse with people studying near you. If you're hard pressed for icebreakers, try asking someone which classes are they in and seeing where the conversation goes from there.

Fitness Centers

Although running by yourself is great exercise, you probably won't meet many people by working out that way. Instead, try going to the fitness center where you live. The people there all will be residents of your same GVSU apartments, so you share that in common. Additionally, students who work out frequently also tend to share interests in topics, such as health and wellness, sports, and even dieting, about which you can have conversations.

Dog Parks

Dog parks are ideal venues for making friends. Pet-owners often become friends due to the happenstance of their dogs enjoying playing together. But animals generally are a great topic of conversation, especially among pet-owners. And a great way to get the conversation started is by asking the other person about the name, age, or breed of his or her pet. 48 West is among the few pet-friendly GVSU housing communities with a dog park.

2. Invite Guests To Your Apartment

If there were a ranking of the ways college students can make the most friends, house parties would be near the top. Students who party in their GVSU residence halls may risk meeting face-to-face with irate resident assistants. But renters who live in apartments in Allendale don't have this problem. As a matter of fact, off campus housing is designed to accommodate both residents and their guests. There are large common areas where people can gather; full kitchens for cooking and serving food; and the individually keyed bedrooms to keep personal belongings secure. But heed this advice: if you plan to host a noisy party, give a heads up to your neighbors to avoid conflict (or better yet, invite them to join the festivities).

3. Sign Up For Roommate-Matching Services

Realistically, not everyone in your housing community will be best-friend material for you. Some students may have different hobbies and interests than yours, and that's OK. But if your goal is to share an apartment with like-minded people, consider signing up for roommate-matching services when you apply for housing. Roommate-matching is a free service that places together students who have similar lifestyle preferences. It can be used to fill an open room in a unit, or find an available room for you if you're applying for housing by yourself. Many lifelong friendships evolve from college roommate arrangements, and roommate-matching could facilitate similar outcomes for you.

Making friends comes easy at 48 West, where we offer community amenities, spacious apartments, and roommate-matching services. Experience off campus student living near GVSU. Contact us to learn more!