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Tips For First-Time Renters

The freedom that living in an apartment brings is certainly hard to ignore. But when it comes time to move away for college, many students have a difficult time deciding on their ideal living situation. With so many housing options to choose from and a wide array of details to consider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Before settling, follow these tips for choosing your quintessential GVSU student housing.  

Budget Accordingly

Nothing is worse than finding the perfect apartment only to realize that it’s out of your price range. When looking at apartments for rent near GVSU, it’s not only important to consider the cost of each month’s installment payment but also other fees that may be incurred. With monthly installments, utility costs, potential pet fees, security deposits, and other charges that can arise, apartment expenses can quickly get out of hand. Consider all these factors to ensure that you’ll still have money left over every month for food, fun, and emergencies.  

GVSU Students Moving In

Balance Wants & Needs

Consider all the factors that matter to you before deciding on a long-term living arrangement. At the most basic level, students typically prefer to be in close proximity to campus so they can easily commute. Beyond that, many students have varied preferences when searching for their ideal GVSU off campus apartments. For those that prefer a calm, quiet lifestyle, it’s important to have private space, and for those that enjoy having friends over, having plenty of space to host guests and entertain is a priority. Making a list that ranks your top wants and needs is a great way to help narrow your choices and pick your ideal GVSU housing.   

Understand Your Housing Contract

No matter what kind of apartment you choose, you’ll have to fill out and sign a housing contract prior to moving in. Not only will this contract explain what is included with every monthly installment, such as amenities or utilities, it will also outline any rules or obligations tenants may have to abide by during their time with the community. These obligations can include parking regulations, quiet hours, or limitations in hosting guests, as well as any rights management has in regards to entering the property. Take some time to fully read your housing contract before signing for your Allendale student housing.   

Get Renters’ Insurance

While a property manager will have insurance to protect their building, this doesn’t extend to personal belongings that renters have throughout their home. In the event of a disaster such as a strong storm, flooding, tornado, fire, or other mishaps, landlords aren’t responsible for any damages. To ensure your property is protected, look into getting an insurance policy specifically for rental properties. These plans are commonly inexpensive, and can often be bundled with preexisting insurance policies.  

Apartments For Rent Near GVSU

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