Types of Student Housing in Allendale

Making the right choice regarding housing at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) can positively impact a student’s college experience. It can also be challenging because of the wide variety of student housing available in Allendale. At 48 West, we've compiled this GVSU housing guide to help students make informed choices about where to live.

GVSU Student Housing

Residence Halls

Residence halls are university-owned housing complexes located on campus. Intended mostly for first-year students, their accommodations are economical and practical. Most rooms — also called “dorms” — house two to three students. Each resident receives a bed, a table or desk, and a dresser for storage. Access to community bathrooms is shared by all the residents of each floor. Most residence halls also have a community kitchen, study rooms, and a space for student activities.

Allendale, MI, Student Housing

As transitionary housing designed to help students adjust to the college lifestyle, residence halls assume many of the responsibilities that students in GVSU off campus housing have. Any bills for utilities and internet service are covered by dorm fees, while university staff members handle the cleaning of the common areas, including the kitchens and restrooms.

The location of residence halls also makes it easier for students to arrive to class on time. But this convenience is balanced out by some restrictions. In these halls, students live with resident assistants (RAs) who enforce several community rules and perform inspections. Also, the modest size of the dorms leaves little room for personal space, and noise can sometimes reach uncomfortable levels. Thus, students in residence halls generally live with less autonomy than do students in GVSU housing off campus.

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On Campus Apartments

On campus apartments are intended for upper-level, transfer, and graduate students. Similar to privately owned apartments off campus, most on campus apartments have private bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Because the university owns the properties, on campus apartments often have the same practical design themes as dorm rooms. The appliances and finishes are basic in their quality and design, and the furniture is often the same as that inside the dorms. And while there are no RAs affiliated with on campus apartments, the restrictions from the university's codes of conduct for on campus residents still apply.

Overall, on campus apartments grant students more privacy and autonomy than do residence halls. Their location is beneficial for students who prefer short commutes to class. However, the level of refinement in on campus housing, in general, contrasts starkly with that of other housing options, such as the luxury student apartments in Allendale, MI.

Off Campus Housing

Off campus housing refers to traditional apartments, townhouses, and homes for rent. Although these rentals aren't intended to be "student housing" per se, many students choose to live in them to experience the off campus lifestyle. The tenants are usually upper-level students and even some incoming freshmen who want greater personal freedom.

The size of off campus housing varies. Allendale apartments near GVSU generally range from one to four bedrooms, while certain homes for rent are even larger. Often, the challenge for students isn't finding enough space but rather filling it up. This is especially true in unfurnished housing. Students who don't possess enough furniture must either spend the money to buy it or spend the year in discomfort.

Some off campus rentals are located within walking distance of the university, but other housing can be quite far from GVSU. In general, though, students who live anywhere off campus have more nearby places to shop and dine than their colleagues on campus.

Also, it’s worth noting that because off campus housing isn't always limited to students, residents may gain exposure to more types of people and life experiences. Yet, at the same time, the lack of a student population could also cause the peer-driven camaraderie found in on campus housing to be missing.

Luxury Student Apartments

The term “luxury” has a broad usage in the rental market. It can refer to the quality of an apartment, the price, or even the style of design. In the context of student housing, though, "luxury" refers to an all-inclusive setting where people live in comfort. Luxury student apartments are the type of housing that combines the most desirable aspects of other types of housing.

First, like residence halls, luxury apartments are located in exclusive student communities near campus. However, instead of being paired with random “dormmates,” students in these apartments select their roommates, sign up for roommate-matching services, or choose to live individually.

Next, like on campus apartments, many luxury student apartments come fully furnished, but instead of the plain, dorm-style furnishings, they have modern furniture, high-quality appliances, and designer-inspired finishes. Moreover, GVSU off campus apartments offer a variety of community amenities that help nurture a healthy work-life balance.

Lastly, just as residents in traditional off campus housing live independently, students in luxury apartments enjoy the freedom that comes with living off campus.

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