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How To Tell When It’s Time For A New Apartment

After living in one place for an extended period, the day may come where you begin to consider finding someplace new to call home. However, a change that big can be scary for many people and may turn them off of the idea. Even when you’ve outgrown your old apartment, dream of a community with nicer amenities, or have altogether stopped feeling at home in your current place, it can be hard to convince yourself it’s time to make a change.

Nonetheless, knowing when it’s time for a new apartment is a necessary and often rewarding skill. Below, 48 West shares some of the most notable signs it’s time for a new apartment.

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Your Commute Is Too Long

You may have heard that long commute times are among the most significant modern causes of overall dissatisfaction, and it’s not hard to guess why. A thirty-minute commute to and from school or work is an hour lost sitting in traffic each day. The monotony of sitting in traffic for an extended period is taxing on one’s mental health. This is generally because most people would prefer to spend their time doing something more enjoyable or productive. If you live in an apartment that’s far away from where you work or attend school, consider the benefits of moving somewhere closer to your destination. For example, residents of our GVSU student apartments benefit from being mere minutes away from campus, which gives them more time to complete assignments or partake in extracurricular activities.

Noise Levels

If you hear your neighbor’s music more often than you can hear your own thoughts or, worse yet, regularly have to wake up in the middle of the night to bang on your ceiling with a broomstick, then it’s time to find a new apartment. Perhaps it isn’t even noisy neighbors keeping you up at night, but the sounds of heavy traffic on a nearby busy road. Living next to a noisy highway can be even worse than having loud neighbors as it’s impossible to file a noise complaint against traffic. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and at peace in their apartment, so if your current place is too noisy for you to relax in, we recommend starting the search for somewhere quieter.

Monthly Installment Increase

It’s not uncommon for apartment communities to occasionally raise the prices of their monthly installments when it comes time for residents to renew their housing contracts. These monthly installment increases are one of the most common reasons apartment residents decide to seek out new, more affordable housing. If you’re approaching your annual contract renewal, inquire about any possible monthly payment increases or additional fees. Should the upcoming renewal include cost increases that you’d rather not pay, find a new apartment community that offers prices within your preferred range.

Insufficient Space

Over time, even if you had plenty of space upon move-in day, you may begin to feel as if you’ve outgrown your current apartment. Don’t worry, this happens to everybody eventually. As you start to accumulate more furniture, seasonal decorations, household items, or — in the case of new families — inhabitants, it’s only natural that you’d hit a point where you lack sufficient space or storage. Once you’ve hit that point, it’s likely time to look for a bigger apartment.

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It’s Time For A Change

Sometimes, the sign it’s time to move that you’ve been waiting for could be something as simple as a feeling. While this sign may be difficult to identify and perhaps even scary to heed, it’s a fair indication it’s time to move nonetheless. Whether your current place carries bad memories, no longer feels like home, or you’ve simply grown bored of the same old sights around town, those are genuine reasons for moving somewhere new, and you shouldn’t convince yourself otherwise. On the other hand, you may be perfectly content and comfortable in your current place, yet you’ve still got a yearning for change. Don’t ignore that feeling. Fresh starts are exciting, and change is a part of life. At the end of the day, the decision to find and move into a new apartment is one that is entirely up to you.