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Why You Don't Have to Sacrifice Amenities in Student Housing

Off campus housing has gone through a renaissance in recent years due to the addition of convenient and luxury amenities. When it came to student housing in the past, the concepts of “low-cost” and “luxurious” were mutually exclusive, but the advent of amenities-driven living has proved that students can live in greater comfort for less money. 48 West details why amenities-driven off-campus housing makes sense for GVSU students.

How Have Student Housing Amenities Evolved?

In years past, the majority of student apartments in Allendale, MI, were economical and, by extension, plain. The rationale was that, in the pyramid of residents’ priorities, saving money should take priority over being comfortable. Today’s students want holistic college experiences with equal parts learning and living. In response, developers and property managers have introduced GVSU apartments with amenities focused on convenience, socialization, supporting good study habits, and living healthy.

Student Housing Amenities in Allendale, MI

The incorporation of such a wide variety of amenities into student housing has been successful for two reasons. First, amenities allow residents to enjoy their preferred college lifestyles. Second, the use of amenities has proven to be cost-effective.

Convenience Or Independence, Which Is Better?

There is an age-old debate whether students are better off picking the conveniences and peer support of the dorms, or the independence and autonomy of off campus apartments? But that debate is now coming to a close as amenities-driven housing has bridged the gap between on campus and off campus living. In GVSU housing communities like 48 West, for example, community and residential amenities make life both easy and comfortable. But instead of cramped dorm rooms and rules imposed by resident assistants, tenants live freely in spacious one-, two-, and four-bed units and thus enjoy the perfect balance of student and adult life.

Which Amenities Save You Money?

There is a misconception that renting amenities-driven housing is expensive. In reality, tenants can save money with certain amenities.

Fitness Gyms

Working out is beneficial for students. Exercise boosts focus and energy levels, and the health benefits of a fitness regimen have long-term implications for quality of life. For these reasons, many students allocate a portion of their budgets to gym memberships and recreation center passes. In the 24-hour fitness gyms at 48 West, though, residents can work out for free as part of their monthly installments. In addition to saving money, tenants who use the fitness center also save time with on-site convenience!

Recreational Features

Socializing is an integral part of today’s college experience. By interacting with peers, students learn life lessons and build support networks. Our GVSU housing features game rooms, cinema rooms, and other entertainment amenities. With such recreational opportunities at home, students no longer need to cut into their budgets for the sake of having fun.

Interior Amenities

Recurring living expenses can add up. One way to save on these costs is by utilizing the interior amenities in GVSU off campus apartments.

In a dorm or traditional-apartment setting, for example, residents tend to use laundromats and pay with cash or account balances for each load of laundry. But in modern student housing, students can use in-unit washers and dryers that are not coin operated. Residents also have the benefit of Internet and cable services, which are often expensive utilities, included in their monthly installments.

48 West is a perfect example that students can find affordable student housing without sacrificing on amenities. We have an outdoor pool, 24-hour fitness gym, game room, study center, and dog park. Residents also enjoy lots of features in their apartments. Contact us to schedule a tour today!