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Why Students Prefer Luxury Living

In years past, off campus apartments were designed for functionality. As long as students had space to sleep, prepare meals, and study, the apartment served its purpose. But then students’ expectations of living spaces changed. Today’s students don’t just want a place to live;  they want an experience. As a result, there are now GVSU off campus apartments where luxury comes standard. 48 West explains why today's students prefer this level of living.

Luxury Apartments in Allendale, MI

Without a doubt, apartment living has always had its advantages. Uninhibited by dorm rules, residents are free to live the adult lifestyles the prefer. And by living off campus, it’s easier for students to do fun activities like shop and eat at restaurants. All these benefits exist in amenities-driven, off campus GVSU apartments. Yet, aesthetics and comfort are also emphasized. Therefore, students can take their college experiences to the next level by balancing their academic and social needs.

Interior Details

Compared to traditional housing, modern apartments have individual details intended for students, specifically. And when taken altogether, the combination of these details create an atmosphere where residents live well-rounded lifestyles.

Floor Plans

In Allendale, apartments near GVSU are available in a variety of floor plans. But with contemporary student housing, the floor plans have layouts designed for students. One-bedroom apartments are perfect for students who prefer living alone, as well as for couples in relationships. Two- and four-bedroom floor plans, meanwhile, allow roommates to live cooperatively but have plenty of private space, as well. Students can enjoy fresh air and nice views from decks or patios without leaving home.


Appliances come standard in most apartments. But unlike the outdated appliances in regular apartments,  our apartments in Allendale, MI, feature high-quality appliances. In the kitchen, students have the benefit of having stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Since these appliances are energy-efficient, residents save on their utility bills. Student housing units don’t usually feature in-unit laundry machines, but 48 West apartments have full-size washers and dryers.

What Are Community Amenities?

Amenities encourage students to be active, social, and productive. In GVSU housing, students have the benefit of community amenities that fit their lives. Plus, these features are centrally located. So no matter their apartment number, residents always have easy access to first-class amenities.

  • Outdoor Pools: One common amenity is an outdoor pool. Swimming is a healthy, low-impact form of exercise. Pool parties, meanwhile, are an effective way for residents to socialize outdoors.
  • Fitness Gyms: Fitness gyms are likewise beneficial to students. In addition to the physical benefits, exercise also helps students focus before tests or study sessions.
  • Study Lounges: When students need a quiet place to study, they can turn to on-site study lounges and computer labs. But having fun is also integral to student living.
  • Game Rooms: When it’s time for recreation, students can visit game rooms to play foosball or billiards. These rooms are typically part of larger clubhouses with TVs and seating areas.

GVSU Off Campus Apartments

Students who seek luxury accommodations in Allendale, MI, can look to 48 West. In our GVSU off campus housing, residents enjoy all the features of luxury living. We have one-, two-, and four-bedroom floor plans. Each features a private bedroom, full kitchen, patio space, dining area, and spacious living room.

48 West also offers luxury amenities, including an outdoor pool, fitness gym, game room, and study lounge. Additionally, we’re a pet friendly complex with an on-site dog park. And our location is close to the Grand Valley State University campus.

To learn more about luxury living near GVSU, contact 48 West today!