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Why You Should Live Off Campus

Some college students prefer to live in university dorms and residence halls, thinking these to be the only affordable options available. But while dormitory-style living was once the only way to enjoy a truly authentic college experience, things have changed since then. Now, more than ever, off campus housing is the ideal option for students who want to live comfortably while also staying close to campus. Even better, new student housing communities, such as 48 West, are designed from the ground up to cater to today’s tech-savvy, and industrious college students, with plenty of community amenities for everyone to enjoy.

Still undecided on GVSU student housing? Here are some reasons why you should consider living off campus instead of in the student halls. Ready to see what we have in store for you? Contact 48 West today to schedule a tour!

Resident Enjoying GVSU Student Housing


Many students who live on campus, do so out of a concern for money. But, while dormitories might seem cheaper than other options, living off campus is more often than not the most cost-efficient alternative. For instance, a significant disadvantage of living on campus is not having access to a kitchen. The lack of a home kitchen can prove burdensome and expensive in the long-run for students as not having to constantly eat out means they can cut down on costs, especially when buying their own groceries.


Living in a campus dorm is a great way to make friends, but if you’re a more reserved person, not having much privacy can be difficult, particularly when you need to concentrate on your studies. Living off campus means living with fewer people and having your own bedroom and bathroom for additional privacy. Even better, you could take advantage of our roommate matching services and live with like-minded students, or you could move into your own 1-bedroom apartment. Either way, when you live off campus, you can stop worrying about resident advisors monitoring every move you make.


Many students have to share their already-cramped dorm room with a roommate. But living off campus gives you more living space and even your own private bedroom. Our apartments near GSVU come in a variety of floor plans to accommodate everyone, each with ample living space. Plus, residents can feel free to use their space the way they want, make their bedrooms really their own, and enjoy having friends over without a pesky RA spying over their shoulders.

Convenient Location 

One of the main advantages of living in a dorm is the location. Since these dorms are usually either on campus or steps away from it, there is no need to worry about a commute. Fortunately, our apartments near GVSU, just step away from campus and dozens of community hotspots, restaurants, grocery stores, theaters, and night clubs.